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Biking up Montebello Road

By roro - Posted on 02 August 2009

With the family gone in Europe, I wanted to do another bike ride today. Instead of the usual Stevens Creek Canyon round to Mt Eden Rd I decided to climb up Montebello Road. Now, I am originally from Switzerland and we have a few mountains there - I even did quite a bit of mountain biking then. But, roads are built different here - if is uphill then we build it up, as steep as it needs to be!

View towards Moffet Field

It took me 1h 7' to get to the top (plus two stops to catch my breath), but the view was just fantastic. I think since it never snows here nobody cares about building winter safe (less steep) roads. Unfortunately there where no water fountains on the way up, although the Ridge winery was very tempting - but I am too  much of a wine snob to show up stinky and sweaty in bike gear in one of California's best wineries!  It took me another 17' to get down to the lake and then a few more minutes to a store to get a Gatorade.

Profile, about 2500 feet altitude!

View towards San Jose (our house is pretty much in the middle of the picture)

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